DJ Esports announces DJ Wallet for easy esports and crypto integration


Written in partnership with DJ Esports.

DJ Esports has officially announced its new DJ Wallet feature in an effort to continue breaking barriers between esports betting and cryptocurrency.

The DJ Wallet is essentially an all-around cryptocurrency holder that can be used for all your esports betting and management needs. Users who already have crypto can transfer it directly into their DJ Wallet with some of the lowest transaction fees available.

Additionally, new crypto can be purchased on DJ Esports through MoonPay using fiat currency credit or debit cards, allowing users to instantly receive crypto in their DJ Wallets. All deposits into a DJ Wallet will also automatically earn up to 30 percent annual percentage yield (APY).

With users able to purchase crypto directly with fiat currency and an easy-to-use tool in the DJ Wallet, esports fans can increase their personal participation in the games they love easier than ever before. Funds added to the DJ Wallet can be used immediately to place bets on any of the matches offered on DJ Esports. They can also be easily withdrawn to a different crypto wallet on any other platform.

What’s next for DJ Esports? DJ Esports plans to introduce many new projects moving into 2022, including a version 2.0 of its website early next year and a range of new features to further improve the accessibility of buying and using crypto.

Additionally, any crypto stored in a DJ Wallet will enable users to purchase a new special crypto token introduced in 2022. This ICO will be an esports-specific coin and will help create a new ecosystem connecting the gaming and crypto spheres even more.