Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple raid: Release time, power cap, and contest modifiers 

Another reset for Destiny 2 closes in with each minute, as the latest Vow of the Disciple raid is all set to go live on March 5. Players will be able to participate in the world’s first race alongside the entire Destiny 2 community throughout the world.

The first team to complete all encounters and return to orbit by looting the final chest will be declared the winner of the World’s First Vow of the Disciple. However, any fireteam member leaving during the previous encounters will be disqualified.

Vow of the Disciple raid will be put on contest modifiers, with the minimum power requirement being 1530. Any player who hasn’t reached the base power level will have their artifact bonus added in for a chance to fight. The raid will go live at 10 AM Pacific on March 5, an hour after the daily reset.

Vow of the Disciple release time and Day 1 power requirement in Destiny 2

Vow of the Disciple is getting added to the activity roster for Destiny 2 a little over a week after The Witch Queen’s release. This was allotted for all Guardians to reach the maximum power requirement of 1530 on Day 1.

Any player above this required power will be capped at 1530. In addition, anyone not having the base cap will have their artifact power bonus added to have a fighting chance for the World’s First race. Contest modifiers are usually added on for all Day 1 raids.

Vow of the Disciple – Raid24 Hours. ✨ Contest Mode: 1530 ✨ 1530+ will not provide any additional advantage.✨ Some gear items are disabled.

This brings down a player’s power level by 20, with increased output damage from enemies.

For example, a player needs to be 1530 to fight in the upcoming Vow of the Disciple. However, the required power level will increase by 10 with each encounter, making the fight more challenging as the fireteam progresses through the activity.

Aside from the disabled gear from the raid Day 1, any fireteam completing the Vow of the Disciple within the first 24 hours will receive an exclusive emblem. The World’s First contest of the new raid will start on March 5, 10 AM Pacific, until March 6, 10 AM Pacific.

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