Dallmeier’s Domera wins Red Dot Award


The Domera camera series from German video technology manufacturer Dallmeier has won the prestigious 2022 Red Dot Award for Product Design. The jury awarded the dome camera series for its integrated lighting system and minimalist appearance.

The past two years saw Dallmeier’s Panomera S-Series and then Panomera W-Series securing this renowned design prize.

Among the features of the Domera are a resolution of up to 4K, integrated AI video analytics as well as the remotely controllable three-axis adjustment with the Dallmeier RPoD (Remote Positioning Dome). Moreover, a modular construction system enables users to realise more than 300 product variants.

“With the Domera camera series, we continue on our path of being the first manufacturer to establish a unique and consistent design language for professional video cameras for video surveillance and process optimisation,” explains Thomas Reisinger, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Dallmeier.

“We are therefore very pleased that our efforts have been rewarded with the third Red Dot Award in a row. With the Domera, our customers benefit from a high-quality and durable camera series whose highlights, in addition to the integrated video analysis, certainly include the innovative lighting and its timesaving mounting system. The modular design of the product theoretically allows for up to 300 product variants, ensuring flexible use for most of all application scenarios in video technology.”