ComeOn Group and Splash Tech Team Up for World Cup F2P Games


ComeOn Group and Splash Tech Team Up for World Cup F2P Games

In Summary:

  • ComeOn Group has successfully introduced Splash Tech F2P games for the World Cup
  • The partnership has already shown promising results, ComeOn Group confirmed
  • ComeOn is keen to see how these F2P games perform in future as the World Cup unfolds

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ComeOn Group has teamed up with Splash Tech, a free-to-play platform, to further boost the company’s reach and pull with sports fans.

Free Splash Tech Games Launch to Success with ComeOn Group  

The partnership comes at an important time for ComeOn Group as it is looking to appeal to sports aficionados who are following the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Splash Tech CEO Adam Wilson welcomes the partnership:

This partnership is a huge milestone for Splash Tech. We couldn’t be more excited to power Splash content for the ComeOn Group, a true industry leader, across multiple brands and regions with both free-to-play and pay-to-play user engagement.

Splash Tech CEO Adam Wilson

The partnership has already gone live and Splash Tech’s portfolio of games is already available in a number of markets where ComeOn Group holds a license and can operate legally. Players have a chance to win up to $102 in daily prize money owing to Splash Tech’s sports games.

ComeOn Group chief data officer Sherwin Jarvand welcomed this opportunity and said that the opportunity to offer free-to-play games will further help ComeOn advance its sportsbook marketing strategy. He further added:

World Cup presents a huge opportunity for ComeOn to provide a top-notch player experience throughout the tournament, into 2023 and beyond.

ComeOn Group chief data officer Sherwin Jarvand

Jarvand further commented that the company was thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce Group players to Splash Tech’s unique titles. Initial results are already very encouraging, the executive said, and ComeOn Group is keeping a close eye to see how to offer unfolds in future.

Free-to-play games have been a big pull for sports fans who are keen to explore the World Cup in a safe and stress-free environment. Most recently, Incentive Games and bet365, the world’s largest betting operator, have released a F2P game designed specifically for the World Cup in Qatar.