Call of Duty Warzone weapons guide: Why is C58 assault rifle dominating leaderboards in 2022

Call of Duty Warzone regularly undergoes shifts in the meta-list for weapons, with regular additions of firearms and their periodic buffs and nerfs.

Call of Duty Warzone launched as a free-to-play Battle Royale game with content from Modern Warfare (2019). Since then, content from subsequent games – Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard – has been added. Cold War weapons were added after 2020, and the guns from Vanguard were added in 2021.

With Vanguard being the latter’s expansion, several weapons from the Black Ops Cold War game got swept down to the bottom of the tier list. However, Black Ops Cold War weapons have stayed viable, and if the latest developments are to be observed, the C58 is back.

With changes in the playlist and the nerfs of other weapons, the assault rifle is topping the K/D leaderboard.

C58 assault rifle jumps back to the top of Call of Duty Warzone K/D list

C58 has had a long history in the Call of Duty Warzone since its addition. The gun’s “almost-zero” recoil made it a perfect weapon for veterans and beginners. Combined with the maps back then in the game, the C58 assault rifle was the ideal weapon for almost all playstyles.

But things changed with the release of Vanguard. The addition of EM2 as an example resulted in players directly preferring it over the C58. But things have now changed with the C58 racking up 1.27 K/D. There are some clear reasons why the weapon is still doing well in non-Vanguard mode.

Recoil is an influential dealmaker in the game, as every good gun has minimal recoil. Irrespective of the strengths and weaknesses of the C58, the weapons’ unchanged recoil still makes it potent.

The gun does consistent damage with a 58 damage output with a headshot and 37 elsewhere. While EM2 comes with better damage in comparison, there’s the next set of stats, making C58 a better bet, especially for multiple skills.

C58 fires five extra bullets per cartridge compared to EM2. EM2 might have marginally better damage, but the five extra bullets make it feasible to kill two even three enemies in a single reload with the C58. When reloading, C58 with a reload speed of 2.00 outdoes EM2 by 0.08 seconds.

For Vanguard Royale and other Vanguard-based modes, players will have to use weapons from the game mandatorily. Despite several nerfs, the C58 assault rifle remains hugely viable in the Call of Duty Warzone. Attachments can further enhance this with the focus on increasing the gun’s damage output.

It has a pick rate of 1% so far, which might have to do with the dominant game modes from Vanguard. But things can change even more if Season 2 enhances the use of the gun even more.

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