BetGames Retires Rock Paper Scissors


BetGames Drops Rock Paper Scissors

Betgames has announced that it is dropping the live game, Rock Paper Scissors from its game catalogue.

They cite that the game failed to meet the “Changing Needs” of their players.

I prefer to think that the game was just not very good with no one wanting to play it more than once.

I found the game to be over-complicated and not intuitive to play, which surprised me for what was such a simple concept.

Hats off to Betgames though, to admit they produced a Turkey, and have pulled it from their game selection. Undoubtedly it will eventually be replaced with something more in tune with players.

BetGames Continues to Improve Existing Games

Betgames is currently going through a process of improving its existing games, updating the UI and UX.

Wheel games have been sped up by reducing the betting time process while time on Dice Duel, Bet on Poker and bet on Baccarat has been extended to allow players a longer decision-making process.