Betfred pays out on Manchester City to win the Premier League already


Fred Done, the Founder and face of Betfred, has seen enough. The operator is set to pay out early on Manchester City to win the Premier League. 

Currently, the reigning Premier League champion sits six points clear at the summit, with the chasing pack of Liverpool and Chelsea faltering of late. 

This means bettors who backed City to lift the trophy can head to the bookies and collect their winnings today, even if the side gives up its lead before the 38-game mark (it is only six points clear at the time of the payout). 

With this decision, Betfred will pay out anywhere between £3m ($4m) and £4m on a decision that comes 19 games early. However, as things stand, it is unlikely Pep Guardiola’s well-oiled machine will falter so much as to allow the stuttering Liverpool and Chelsea teams to overtake them. 

Tonight (29 December 2021), the Manchester team, which has scored 17 goals in its last three games, can take its lead to an impressive nine points with a win over newly promoted Brentford. 

In the past, Betfred’s eager approach to paying out on Premier League title races has not always ended well for the operator. In 2012, the British gaming company saw fit to pay out on Manchester United to win the league, only for Manchester City – and Argentinian striker Sergio Aguero – to scupper celebrations. 

December 2017 also saw the operator name Guardiola’s team champion at the halfway stage of the season. 

At the time, Done said: “It’s a sad day but as far as I’m concerned the Blues are champions. This is painful both for the heart and the wallet but after winning at Old Trafford there is no way no one is closing that 11-point gap. This hurts but the Blues look unstoppable so I’m giving the punters who backed them an early Christmas present.”

On Betfred’s official Twitter account, Done wished City fans a Happy New Year and suggested they buy a nice bottle of champagne with their winnings. 

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