BetConstruct Adds Express Roulette to Its Live Casino Games


Leading betting and gaming software BetConstruct is always trying to make its games more entertaining. The variety of games makes it a very popular choice for live casinos, but the developer’s highlight are definitely the unique features. BetConstruct is constantly trying to improve its live casino games. Most recently, it has boosted its roulette portfolio by adding showgame express roulette as a new feature.

It gives operators a chance to accept double bets and offers a payoff worth more than 1,000x your stake. That only happen in case of corresponding results at 2 roulette tables while also including an automatic betting mode. This feature gives players the chance to view results of all the games played on the Bet History board, making BetConstruct’s live roulette games all the more exciting.

Always Hard at Work

The company has just announced the introduction of the Express Roulette feature to its live roulette portfolio. It’s the same object as standard roulette, predicting accurately where the ball lands. However, with this feature, BetConstruct offers a 1,000x+ payout in case there are 2 matching results at 2 tables that work simultaneously. In that way, it enables operators to accept double bets and makes things more fun for players.

Express roulette also has other features including Favorite Bets. With it, players can create their own betting combinations and use them with ease on any live dealer roulette game. With the Autoplay feature you can place automatic bets. If you’d like to see an overview of all the bets played so far, you can use the Bet History board.

With all these features it’s not hard to see why operators love BetConstruct so much. The company has most recently added Aurum Roulette which is compatible with all of the provider’s other games. Aurum Roulette is another great feature that raises the betting opportunities for players and enables operators to benefit from side bets.

Plenty of Recent Changes

There have been plenty of great additions to BetConstruct’s game and feature portfolio in 21. And that’s only so far. The company is planning to introduce new stuff soon which shows how committed it is to fine tuning its live casino products and services.

With the new features, live roulette will be more exciting. The company is trying to appeal to both players and operators and does so with aplomb. With BetConstruct’s latest features, everyone wins. Players get more winning chances, and operators get more money from side bets. The latest additions are aimed at players, though, as indicated by the Favorite Bets and Express Roulette 1,000x payouts.

Aurum Roulette and Express Roulette are excellent features that don’t reinvent the roulette wheel, but make it all the more exciting. The fact that BetConstruct is doing its best to add these features makes it a favorite for all live casinos. Who wouldn’t want automatic bets or set favored bets and use them with ease?

You can do that with BetConstruct live roulette games, so go ahead and play them right away.