Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of Mysterious Dreams – New combat mechanics, story trailer, and preorders

Koei Tecmo and GUST recently announced more information regarding the forthcoming JRPG Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of Mysterious Dreams.

Developers detailed their plans for spicing up combat for the forthcoming game. This will give the existing fanbase some much-needed changes and new players something to latch onto.

“This world should never have been” – Elvira.Here is the latest trailer from #AtelierSophie2 including the opening theme song “Syndetos” performed by Suzuyu. See Sophie and her friends closing in on the truth behind the dream-like world of Erde Wiege. #KTfamily

Koei Tecmo also packaged the announcement with the release of a story trailer for the next Atelier game, showing the characters that players will encounter in the game and the general backdrop of the story.

The combat of Atelier Sophie 2

In the upcoming Atelier game, the developers change how the combat works. The original Atelier Sophie’s combat worked just like a typical JRPG. Players encountering an enemy go into a loading screen and then another loading screen after victory.

Atelier Sophie 2 changes things up. Now the combat will be instant. Players can jump into the fight almost instantaneously after encountering the enemies. This will allow for a seamless transition. This method also sustains immersion.

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Fighting will take on new elements (Image via Koei Tecmo)

More than six-party members will have the ability to join the team in multi-linked turn-based battles. Party members will be split into two teams: the attacking and the backup team.

The attacking team goes on the offensive while the backup team is defensively positioned. With the introduction of Twin Actions, players can decide the strategy according to the team composition and opposition. This will allow players to develop various strategies, such as backup teams recovering mana and health points for a switch.

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Combat sequences will get more seamless (Image via Koei Tecmo)

If enough points in the Dual Gauge have been built up, players can deploy a Dual Trigger – a special move where two party members attack at once, dealing massive damage.

Story trailer

Koei Tecmo also revealed the backdrop of Atelier Sophie 2, with the reveal of a narrative trailer.

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The storyline has been set (Image via Koei Tecmo)

The trailer shows the titular character, Sophie setting out on an adventure to find a missing friend and unlock the mystery behind the dream-like world of Erde Wiege, fighting the many monsters that inhabit the land.

Koei Tecmo has also unveiled character spotlights from the upcoming game on a PlayStation blog.

Check out the trailer for Atelier Sophie 2 down below:


Right after the release of the trailer, digital pre-orders for Atelier Sophie 2 officially went live across all platforms, i.e., PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Players who digitally pre-order will receive access to a costume called “Easy Breezy” for Sophie.

Koei Tecmo also announced two special editions through the Koei Tecmo Europe store. The Premium Box version of the game includes an artbook, a B3 fabric poster featuring an original art piece, an ‘extra tracks’ soundtrack CD, an early-access DLC costume for Sophie, and the game all packed into a charming collectible box.

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The Premium Box Version (Image via Koei Tecmo)

Apart from the above, a Special Collection Box version of the game contains all of the contents featured in the Premium Box version, as well as an A1 wall scroll featuring an original art piece, a whale necklace motif metal keychain based on Sophie’s in-game jewelry, a set of two illustrated clear files and a special large crystal paperweight.

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Special Collection Box (Image via Koei Tecmo)

This is the information revealed thus far. The new combat mechanics and instant combat encounter sound like a refreshing change.

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream, the latest entry in the adored Atelier series, is scheduled to be released on February 25, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 Computer Entertainment System, and Windows PC via Steam.

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