Aston University to host League of Legends Series backed by the NUEL, with Counterfeit and Melvinizzle on board as casters

Aston University is hosting a League of Legends Series for its students to kick off 2022.

The tournament will take place from 1pm GMT on January 30th, with the grand finals getting underway at around 9pm.

It will be streamed from 6pm at with the losers bracket final and feature casters Peter ‘Counterfeit’ Hartnell and Callum ‘Melvinizzle’ Iles.

There will be ten teams taking part, featuring players with a mix of abilities, from Iron to Master. Nine high-level NUEL players will be taking part.

Mohammed El-han, a rising star in the Aston University League of Legends scene, will be participating – a younger brother to a player from the successful Aston Aunties League of Legends team from 2016.

Some Master-tier players like Rohan Hussain will also be talking part.

Aston Apes said in a press release: “With our ever-expanding production value and expertise, we strive to reach new heights for esports at Aston, offering students the chance to truly demonstrate the talent that lies within.

“This is a great opportunity for students at Aston to showcase their skills to outside organisations that are potentially watching.

“Ultimately, our goal for hosting these tournaments is to showcase all the talent we hold at Aston University, while also providing an escape from stressful home, work, or university situations. Nothing beats the feeling on the day of the tournament when everyone is playing against each other, having a good time and meeting students they would never normally play with.”

As Aston student added: “It’s amazing seeing such a high turnout of League of Legends players, after the recent success of the Valorant tournament. I can’t wait to see the future of Aston Esports and how they will thrive in the up and coming years.”

The tournament is only open to Aston students, and the prize pool is 8,000 Riot Points (RP).

The news comes after Aston University held a Valorant Series billed as ‘Birmingham’s largest student-hosted esports tournament without university aid’ last month.