Animal Crossing YouTuber discloses a common mistake players make in New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons got a ton of new content with the 2.0 update that Nintendo released back in November 2021. One of the new additions was the vine item, which can be used in the game for a variety of purposes.

Vines are a new kind of crafting material in New Horizons, which players can use to create a number of items, such as outfits, furniture, decoration items, and a lot more. They can also be used as replacements for ladders or stairs. However, YouTuber Crossing Minute believes that this use of vines in New Horizons might be a mistake that players are making.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players often use vines as replacements for stairs or ladders

Since vines can be used to access different levels of land in New Horizons, Animal Crossing players have often used the item as a replacement for inclines, stairs, or ladders. However, using vines instead of the other items requires a bit more effort on the player’s part, since they can only use vines for movement once they interact with it.

this just in: you can place vines to hide the weird gaps of grass between a diagonal incline + diagonal river 👏👏👏#ACNH

To use vines to go to a different level of the ground, players have to stand close to it and press A on their Switch console. This is something that was not required with the other features, since players would not have to separately interact with them to access the other level.

However, this extra bit of effort is not the only reason why vines are not convenient methods to access elevation in New Horizons. While players can access the other floor using vines, villagers are unable to do so. Therefore, using vines in places that villagers commonly need to access, such as the mainland on the player’s island, can create a problem for them as villagers will have limited space in which they can roam around.

other acnh players, placing vines aesthetically but also practically so they can climb cliffs and have them fit in the area naturallyme, placing vines decoratively on the cliffs behind villager houses with no care for function or access:

However, this problem can easily be solved even if players want to use vines as a mode for elevation. They can simply place their own island home on an elevated level using terraforming, and then use vines instead of stairs or ladders to access the main island from their home. In this way, players can also reduce the chances of unannounced villager visits to their home, which has become a real problem for players of the Nintendo life-simulation title.

Apart from this, using vines as a mode of elevation in the main island area is a common mistake that New Horizons players should avoid.

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