Altenabet releases a high end sports betting platform

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Altenabet releases a high end betting platform

As scheduled, Altenabet releases their latest sports betting platform just in time for ICE totally gaming and just to poke competetors a bit they decided to offer a limited super sale offer for all new customers with a unbeatable price and this causes irritations from other betting software providers claiming Altenabet is dragging down the price standards just to get sales.

We spoke with Frank Wasowski who is dealing with sales and marketing at Altenabet and we asked of what think about this to whom he replied:
– This is just business, we have a series of clients that is doing extremely well in several markets using our dynamic platform solution and we know the general market value of such products and services, still we want to target clients at a lower setup fees for white label sports and casino and (optional) full sourcecode purchase clients who are interested in making a well invested marketing strategy, and this is a win win for everybody.

Extra intresting is the superior betting exchange integrated into the Altenabet platform with all the required features and functions plus a beautiful UI for clients to offer exchange betting to their players.

GamblingNews was first out with this and caused a hype since Altenabet reduced their prices with 50% if signing a deal pre ICE totaly gambling convention in London 2022 and this is truly good news for both Altenabet but also for operators since the platform have over 130 different game providers and external apis included that brings the total sum of the Altenabet betting platform to a true piece of art (stated by Altenabet) that lets clients quick start with thousands of casino games, live dealers, sports betting, betting exchange, virtual games and skill games along with dozens of other money making products suitable