All Pokémon OCG Star Birth regular cards revealed

We’re one week away from getting the very first Pokémon OCG set of 2022 and a full list of the regular cards in the set has finally been revealed.

As shared on Pokémon forum PokeBeach, there are 100 regular cards in Star Birth, with four of them being the newly introduced VSTAR-type of cards. Previously, we had seen three of these: Charizard, Shaymin, and Arceus. But now we know the fourth one will be Whimsicott.

Along with these cards getting their own V versions, other cards to get the V treatment include Riachu, Flygon, and Lumineon. There doesn’t appear to be any VMAX Pokémon in the regular card list of this set.

This isn’t all the cards in the set. Secret Rares haven’t yet been revealed, but this will likely take place early next week ahead of the set’s release on Friday.

For those in the West looking to get their hands on some of these new cards, many will be joining the February TCG set Brilliant Stars, along with others from Japan’s Start Deck 100 range that dropped in December.

You can check out the full list of all regular cards joining Star Birth here.