All Lucent Moths location for week 5 in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (March 22) 

Lucent Moths have been an exciting addition alongside Destiny 2 The Witch Queen expansion. It is equivalent to Splintered’s penguin hunt, where players had to collect a small figurine from different locations in Europa. In Year 5, the Lucent Moths are bound to the Lepidopterist triumph within the Gumshoe seal.

Starting March 22, Bungie has set the last two Lucent Moths in Savathun’s Throne World. You can either get these two Moths by following this article or start picking up all the collectibles scattered across the Throne World.

These aren’t time-limited, so go at your own pace and finish the triumph only if you’re interested in getting The Witch Queen seal.

All locations for the last two Lucent Moths in Destiny 2 Throne World (March 22)

1) Florescent Canal

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Florescent Canal location for Lucent Moth (Image via Destiny 2)

To get this Lucent Moth, spawn at the usual waypoint at Quagmire and head straight from the Fluorescent Canal. Any route will work here, as long as you end up in front of a small fountain with numerous Hive Thrall statues.

Look for the Lucent Moth floating in the water. It will keep moving in a fixed circular path, so you need to keep moving to claim it or stand in front to get the upper hand before it floats out of reach.

Claiming this Lucent Moth will grant everyone a 250 Throne World Reputation EXP and progression to the Lepidopterist triumph.

2) Altar of Reflection

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Altar of Reflection central puzzle to the next area (Image via Destiny 2)

You can either access this area via The Witch Queen’s “Mirror” campaign mission or start the “Altar of Reflection” node from the Throne World. After spawning, you will have to solve Hive Rune puzzles. The main idea behind this is to shoot the irregular row with the runes.

After that, shoot a different column of Hive Runes in other pillars to unlock the following location. Once you’re in, spot the Deepsight located on top of a platform on your right. Grab it and follow the newly spawned platforms.

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Deepsight located inside Altar of Reflection (Image via Destiny 2)
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Lucent Moth found in Altar of Reflection (Image via Bungie)

After following the spawned platforms, jump one more time to the standard platform located on top of the room, and grab the Lucent Moth.

Head to the cave beside Fynch, and place the two Moths to conclude the Lepidopterist triumph for the Gumshoe seal.

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