All Apex Legends Dark Depths Skins

There isn’t much of a down period between events in Apex Legends. The developers are already moving onto the next event for the title, Dark Depths.

Making its debut on Jan. 11, Dark Depths event will have an oceanic theme. Not only players will get to unlock thematic skins, but there will also be a new Arenas map, Habitat. The map seems to favor long-range combat more than close-quarter combat, meaning players will need to carry a sniper rifle around to ensure their survival.

There will be a total of 40 new collectibles in the event, ranging from Epic to Legendary cosmetics. The new Dark Depths packs will guarantee players a non-duplicate event item, and here are all the skins that you can collect throughout the event.

The Dark Depths event will go live on Jan. 11, and it’ll end on Feb. 1.