“A good day for me”: Fans react as Pokimane reveals what she does on a usual day off

Pokimane recently branched out into creating more IRL content on her new channel, Imane. She revealed how she spends a typical day off from her hectic streaming schedule in her latest video.

@pokimanelol Pokimane Content = A good day for me. 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 HYPE

Fans love getting to know streamers outside of gaming and the purple platform, so the Twitch star’s varied following is expectedly in a frenzy over the string of revelations she made.

Pokimane reveals off-day routine, leaves fans gushing

The 25-year-old’s schedule is hectic to the point where even on days when she is not streaming, she is participating in shoots or collaborating with other creators, a concern she often shares with viewers. Pokimane does take days off as and when required, and in her latest vlog, she walked fans through how those days go.

After sleeping in a little, the broadcaster kicked off her day by checking her email and socials and occasionally playing some games with friends. She then left for the gym and took a shower after what appeared to be a leg day.

After a quick lunch, Pokimane enthusiastically departed to the grocery store. Upon returning, she launched into a small monolog about how much she enjoyed the activity.

“All I’m trying to say is when you’re indoors so much. Your work is indoors. Your life is indoors, your hobbies are indoors; it’s nice to take even the small opportunity to go out and see some people.”

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After talking about her grocery purchases at length and unboxing some Amazon packages she hadn’t gotten around to yet, the internet star hung out with her friends from OfflineTV.

She ended her day with a quiet dinner alone while watching Netflix’s House, which she recommended her viewers check out as well:

“It’s very weird, but if you’re into weird shows, you should check it out.”

Fans react to Pokimane’s latest vlog

Followers have been requesting such a video for a while now, and the Moroccan-Canadian has finally complied. Hence, her entire fanbase is excitedly rushing to watch the video.

@pokimanelol things i live for: poki and michelle choi vlogs

The online sensation used the YouTube community feature to ask fans what they wanted to see next, and users who voted for this option were happy to see it get implemented so fast.

@pokimanelol I voted for this. I’m glad my vote contributed to this. I am satisfied.

The video also continued the streak of viewers loving the laid-back design of the content on her new IRL channel.

Many users also appreciated the photo Poki chose for the thumbnail.

@pokimanelol this thumbnail is my new favorite thing wtf how are you real

OfflineTV joined fans in complementing the streamer on her thumbnail.

Pokimane started streaming in 2013 after reaching platinum rank in League of Legends and achieved mainstream popularity during the Fortnite boom. She also won the Legacy Award at the recent Streamer Awards for her achievements in almost a decade of streaming.

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