5 biggest video game IPs acquired by Xbox

Xbox has been a giant in the sphere of video games and consoles. Since its inception, Microsoft’s gaming division has increased manifold from what it used to be once. The recent years have seen Xbox expanding massively to start new video game projects. Much of it has been series like Halo and Forza, which are its homegrown successes.

However, Xbox has also made some big acquisitions like ZeniMax and more. While the other acquisitions are small-scale, ZeniMax has been a major one with the Activision Blizzard takeover in the making. As Activision Blizzard still has some time to complete, let’s look at some of the biggest IPs that Microsoft has acquired in video games.

Top 5 video game IPs acquired by Xbox in the form of takeovers and partnerships

5) Fallout

The Fallout series is famous for many reasons, ranging from detailed storytelling to a sadistic world design. The games have veered on the margins of showcasing different worlds that nuclear wars have ravaged. Very few games manage to show the terrible state of the world that has been created by war and its after-effects. On that front, players get to enjoy mutants, insects, and more as they must save their own lives.

The most recent title of Fallout 76 hasn’t been powerful, although it has received several improvements over the months since it was released. It has helped the developers to redeem some of the reputations they had lost with a completely terrible release. However, games like Fallout 4 are considered by many to be the pioneers in their genres, and one can hope that there will be more video games of the series in the future.

4) Wolfenstein

With the acquisition of ZeniMax, Xbox acquired some of the forefathers of modern shooters. Wolfenstein has traveled a significant distance since its early rendition of pixelated graphics.

Over the years, the series has given birth to games that provide glimpses of an alternative Nazi-infested Germany. In the form of William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, the series is also the home of one of the most iconic video game characters ever made.

Like the Fallout series, Wolfenstein has recently gone on a bit of a back burner, with Youngblood not getting an expected reception. It remains to be seen if fans and players can get their hands on another game in the future.

3) Minecraft

Before the ZeniMax acquisition, the Minecraft acquisition was arguably the largest for Xbox. In getting Minecraft, Microsoft managed to acquire one of the most played video games. The pixelated sandbox experience has been treasured by many, and the game has continued to retain its player base and popularity.

The recent years have seen spinoffs to the game being produced. Minecraft: Dungeons have successfully rendered a different game to fans with the same settings. The Pocket Edition of Minecraft also allows gamers to try it on their handheld devices. Purely as an IP, Minecraft has added immense value to Xbox and Microsoft.

2) Doom

Doom’s forefather of gorefests has been a revolutionary name in the video games industry. It all started with the first pixelated game of the bygone era that took the audience to an unforeseen level of violence. The game’s ability to portray horror and punch it with unbridled action is second to none.

The Doom franchise has been incredibly successful, with Eternal adding a new milestone for the series. The Doom games have taken players into the boots of a human who has sublime strengths and objectives before them. In trying to achieve that, players have more than a few options. Some of these can fill the thirst of even the hardcore gore lovers with close-up executions.

Many FPS video games will be released on the market, but Doom will still retain a place of its own.

1) Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls series is regarded by many as the holy grail of modern RPGs. There is no shortage of games in the RPG genre, yet players can attest to the quality of the Skyrim games.

The series’ emphasis on narrative storytelling and decision-making adds to the overall satisfaction of slaying a dragon or killing a boss. Additionally, the relationships players create with the different NPCs in the game are equally important progress.

The Elder Scrolls V is considered an excellent game for its overall execution. It has got expansions in the form of the Online part, which is a different game altogether. There is news of The Elder Scrolls VI in the making, and there’s still some time left for the game’s development to be finished. However, the power of the video game IP is set to carry on, at least for the near future.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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